disability access audits

Disability Discrimination Act

The Disability Discrimination Act relates to obstacles to disabled people in employment, access to goods and services, transport and education.

All employers have a duty to make reasonable adjustments to ensure that potential disabled staff members are not placed at a substantial disadvantage compared with others.

People and businesses providing a service to the public have a duty to make reasonable adjustments to their premises, their business or the service they provide to anticipate the needs of disabled people.

Similarly, providers of education have a duty to make a reasonable adjustment to accommodate disabled pupils and staff.

Disability access audits

A disability access audit examines the accessibility of the service, identifies the potential barriers, assesses the usability and provides options for improvements which will overcome or mitigate any problems.  The audit takes into consideration the nature of a business or a service, the potential cost of improvements and all aspects of the premises.

It is necessary to collect information in respect of specific services, review building plans or inspect buildings and prepare the disability access audit report detailing strengths, weaknesses and recommended improvements.

Our disability access audit service is available to businesses and owners of commercial property of all types.

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